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CNY Celebrations

“Of blessings, prosperity,

food and joy.”

 Happy Chinese New Year! We hope that you had a great Chinese New Year full of joy and fun!

We are thankful through our dedicated Chinese Teachers; our precious little ones learnt the customs, cultures, traditions and history through various activities during the celebrations. Let’s dive into the joyous Chinese New Year atmosphere as we learn more about how each of our 4 centres celebrated Chinese New Year 2018!


Josiah Suntec ushered in the new year with beautiful Chinese fans and Chinese Calligraphy decorations made by our very own children! A sing along session to upbeat and festive songs such as Gong Xi Gong Xi, Da Di Hui Chun filled the atmosphere with such joy and happiness.

Our beloved children learned about the origins, customs and traditions of the Chinese New Year at our culture corners. They even got  their hands on trying to make some delicious chicken and vegetable dumplings which they absolutely love to eat!

After learning all about the festival, came the most highly anticipated section of the day – CNY goodies tasting and games time! The children were delighted to get to taste some traditional CNY goodies including pineapple tarts and kueh bangkit! They also played games such as ‘toss the hoop’, with Chinese New Year elements included into the games. Our teachers performed the lion dance and got some of the older children to try on the child-sized ‘lion head’!

How can a Chinese New Year celebration end without a mandarin orange exchange session? Our precious little ones brought and exchanged mandarin oranges with their friends to bless their friends this festive season. Here are some snap shots of the good times they had!



Did I hear you say Chinese dance performance? Our children at Josiah Tampines Mart kicked off the celebration by performing a Chinese New Year item with much grace and confidence! Treasure Hunt and Relay Race took on a new twist involving Chinese New Year items such as hong baos and mandarin oranges.

There was also a mandarin orange peeling session where our beloved children got their hands on not just peeling mandarin oranges, but also attempting to arrange the mandarin orange slices into Chinese characters they have learnt in class!

Our children here had a Chinese New Year pot bless session where every child brought food to share with their friends. There were cupcakes, love letters, Chinese New Year biscuits, crackers, and many more. Our tummies were really satisfied by the end of the day!

Now, hop on and check out this joyous time of blessings!




Josiah Changi was transformed into a mini Chinatown for a day, decorated with lots of festive items such as red packets, couplets and lanterns!

Dressed in their traditional Chinese costumes, our children took turns to perform some cultural dances according to their individual classes. As per Josiah’s festive tradition, our teachers put up an excellent Chinese dance performance for the children as well! The children had a feast, tasting all the Chinese New Year snacks such as tang yuan, egg rolls, rice crackers and Chinese tea! We also enjoyed a lion dance item which ended off with the “lion” scattering oranges to the audience and our children were so excited picking them up!

There was even a Chinese opera corner where our children enjoyed a Beijing Opera, tried on Beijing Opera costumes and even the opera masks! It was so much fun dressing up as a Chinese opera performer for the day!

Before the day ended, our children got their hands on doing Chinese calligraphy and for many of them, it was their first time attempting this by themselves!

Come join us and immerse yourself in this Chinese New Year atmosphere!




Gong xi gong xi! Our precious babies at Josiah Aperia received a hong bao each from us! Filled with baby bites, the hong bao brought much joy to our beloved babies!

We also learned how to bai nian using mandarin oranges, enjoyed a lion dance performance by our talented teachers, and had lots of fun painting a Cherry Blossom tree using our very own fingers!

Come join in the fun!

That’s all for CNY Celebrations 2018 – stay tuned for more exciting activities coming your way this year!

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