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Happy Children’s Day 2018

Oct 31, 2018

This year, we had a blast for Children’s Day! All 4 centres celebrated Children’s Day with a different theme but one thing we all had in common was Fun! Fun! Fun!

First Stop: SUNTEC – Pyjama Party Time!

The children streamed into Josiah Suntec in their pyjamas, geared with their favourite soft toy in one hand, a torchlight in the other, and their bags filled with snacks to share with their lovely friends.

At the bouncy castle corner, the children had lots of fun jumping around, imagining they were all jumping into the clouds. There was also a shadow corner, where the curious ones experimented with making different shadow figures using their torchlights! Laughter and giggles were also heard at the games corner, where the children had fun playing musical toys – a variation of musical chairs.

Ah… then came the best part – enjoying a cup of hot chocolate milk, cookies and snacks at the midnight buffet corner before getting ready for movie time! Watching ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, while snacking on popcorns and drinking hot chocolate with friends made the movie time so epic!

The event ended with a bang, where our children were presented with a Josiah cap each given by the centre, as well as many goodies and gifts from our teachers.

Here are some precious moments we managed to capture:

Second Stop: CHANGI – Safari Adventure

Can you trumpet like an elephant, gibber like a monkey, or roar like a lion? Let’s go on a Safari Adventure at Josiah Changi together!

The children had lots of fun “feeding the animals” and “watching out for the alligator” at the games corner. We even got our hands painted at the art & crafts corner!

How can we end the day without sharing food we got from our hunt in the safari? We had a great time snacking at the food corner, munching on adventurous safari foods such as “live worms” (sliced chicken franks), “dried ants” (raisins), “hungry caterpillars” (green pea snack), “beetle wings” (potato chips), “snake eggs” (green grapes), and “jungle swamps” (green agar-agar with kiwi seeds)!

Finally, it was time to say goodbye for the day. Each child went home with a bag filled with goodies (from the safari), put together by our lovely teachers, as well as a cap from the Centre.

Oh what an adventure of a lifetime!


Third Stop: TAMPINES MART- Carnival

Here at Josiah Tampines Mart, we had a fun time in our very own carnival!

At the games corner, we played lots of nostalgic carnival games such as bowling, “toss the ring”, “knock me out”, and “hit me if you can”. Our precious children had such a fun time at the games corner the whole centre was filled with immense joy and laughter!

Did I hear you say sharing is caring? Indeed! Our children brought snacks to share with their beloved friends and they had an enjoyable time bonding with one another over delicious food!

How can we end the day without getting some great shots at the photo booths? Some of them got to take pictures with unicorns, while others got to take pictures with mickey mouse! It was a real exciting time as we captured precious memories in photographs. To end off the carnival, each child received a gift pack and a cap from the centre as we approached the end of the day. Thank you teachers for blessing us!

Say cheese!


Last Stop: APERIA – World of Transportation

This Children’s Day, we entered a world of transportation in Josiah Aperia! We started the day with singing songs like “wheels on the bus”, in both English and Mandarin, before we got “busy” for the day.

As we turned Josiah Aperia into a world of transportation, our babies had a fun time “driving” their cars through the car wash station, petrol station, as well as roads with traffic lights! We even made our very own traffic light stands using simple craft materials!

We each went home with a Josiah bib, as well as some of our favourite baby bites! Hooray!

Check out our world of transportation!


That’s all for Children’s Day 2018! Join us for Children’s Day next year perhaps?


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