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#Throwback to Mid-Autumn 2018!

Jan 17, 2019

In preparation for Chinese New Year that’s coming up real soon, let’s take some time to immerse ourselves in the Chinese culture again to get us hyped up for Chinese New Year!

Held on the 15thday of the 8thmonth of the lunar calendar, Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated notably by the Chinese, under the full moon. To the Chinese, Mid-Autumn is the second most important festival, following Chinese New Year. It’s a time when families gathered together, often over mooncakes.

This year, we celebrated Mid-Autumn across all 4 centres. Our beloved children learned all about Mid-Autumn Festival from traditions to customs through a series of fun-filled activities, as well as plays! During the plays, our talented teachers dressed up in costumes and acted out a skit – the children were absolutely entertained and were extremely excited and elated to see the teachers act!

We also had a mini DIY (Do-It-Yourself) session where we made our very own personalized lanterns using recycled materials, before parading the lanterns down the runway walk! We had lots of fun getting our hands dirty, and admiring our friend’s lanterns!

Then, came our favourite part of the day – time for FOOD! Yummy! But… hold your horses! This time round, we had to put in some work before we could enjoy the fruits of our ‘labour’! We made our very own snow-skin mooncakes using cute hello kitty, bear, and rose molds; we had lots of fun making mooncakes together! Finally, came the time for us to enjoy the fruits of our ‘labour’… We ate till we’re happy and satisfied; some of us even shared our mooncakes with our friends!

Come join us and be merry!

Pumped for CNY yet? Stay tuned for CNY updates!


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