6 years old


( Kindergarten 2 )

At Josiah, the Kindergarten 2 journey is a new and fresh experience for our children! They learn within a more structured classroom setting as this is the year we prepare our children to meet the demands of formal primary school education. Structured learning time is dedicated to teach our children how to transfer information from the board, listen to corporate instructions, work as a team, carry out responsibilities based on a duty roster, take turns to be class leaders as well as handle money. Their learning journey includes a major project work on a theme chosen by the children themselves and will end off with a meaningful Graduation and Concert at the end of the year with their parents.


Core Subjects

Exposes children to a structured classroom teaching environment with emphasis on reading, spelling, writing, creative thinking and problem solving skills across the core subjects (English, Mandarin, Mathematics)


This is at an advanced level where your children would have mastered their reading skills at K1, and are ready to embark on more exciting works involving comprehension, cloze passages, journal writing, creative writing, show-n-tell, picture composition, oral, listening skills and other language components that prepare them for the primary school years.



Josiah takes pride in our self-crafted Chinese language syllabus. Our Curriculum Specialist continually improves and updates our curriculum to ensure the major emphasis of a firm foundation in reading, writing, conversational Mandarin, Han Yu Pin Yin, spelling, composition and everything that ensures our children’s readiness for primary 1.


Our pre-primary children would advance to learn the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Other concepts of Mathematics such as time, length, weight and money will also be taught through interesting apparatus, interactive games, and activity sheets.

At Josiah, we make Math lessons come alive. By taking Math lessons outside of a four-walled classroom, our children get to experience first-hand, how it is like to apply Mathematics concepts to solve problems in real-life.


Project Work

Our children are offered opportunities to engage their creativity and ideas through the Reggio inspired Project Work. Children are encouraged to investigate project themes in depth across disciplines. The Reggio inspired Project Work helps our children develop connections between primary activities, like playing, exploring, and expressing oneself. Project Work encourages our children to have a thirst for knowledge and helps our children to adopt an active approach towards learning. Children ponder meaningful questions about the real world and generate new ideas to answer them.

Social Studies

By Pre-Primary, our children would have developed a sense of civic consciousness. Here at Josiah, our Social Studies curriculum embodies a child’s need for order in the environment and towards social interaction with the larger community in the society. The child has a need to understand social structures in order to be more at ease in his/her environment.


Musical Arts Programme (MAP)

Josiah’s MAP consists of 5 main elements – Vocal Training, Dance, Music Appreciation, Art, and Chinese Speech & Drama. Through Josiah’s MAP, children are trained to:

  • Appreciate and interpret music of different genres.
  • Understand the history and rudiments of music
  • Recognise music notation
  • Dance with rhythm and groove
  • Sing with correct vocal techniques using world renowned singing methodology
  • Develop freedom of expression through different art techniques, styles and composition.
  • Exhibit creativity and confidence as they explore the Chinese language in a fun and interactive way.

The ultimate goal of this programme is for our children to express themselves through the performing arts.

Physical Education

The Josiah Fitness Programme aims to:

  • Build children’s core and general muscle strength
  • Develop coordination and stamina
  • Train speed, balance, endurance
  • Improve hand-eye coordination.
  • Foster the development of social skills such as teamwork, taking turns, following instructions, and working towards a common goal, in our children.”

World Explorer

Making up the cultural aspect of a Montessori classroom, World Explorer covers a wide array of subjects such as Geography, Science, Botany, Zoology, History, Art and Music. In accordance to Maria Montessori’s philosophy, knowledge and understanding of the afore-mentioned subjects will nurture your child to not just be broad minded, but also to be well-informed with respect to general knowledge.

Our Pedagogy

Our preschool was founded on Montessori principles, infused with the colourful hues of our proprietary Musical Arts Programme (MAP). Learn more about these two powerful pedagogical philosophies.

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