Curriculum - What Makes Us One of the Best Preschools for All Round Development

Our curriculum centres around The Josiah Way concepts.
Each programme is designed to be balanced, holistic and effective
for the growing bodies and minds of our little ones.

This is why our parents consider Josiah as one of the best preschools for all round development. 

Infant – Toddler

The First Steps



2 months – 18 months

Josiah offers the highest quality and security of infant care 
in Changi Business Center, Suntec City and Aperia in Singapore


18 months – 3 years old

The Toddler programme highlights self-help skills that lead to independence, concentration and confidence.

Nursery 1, 2 and Kindergarten 1


3 years old to 5 years old

Our classrooms are where a child’s world is geared to the size, pace, and interest of other children from this age group. Visit Josiah’s kindergarten in Tampines to know more. 

Kindergarten 2


6 years old

At Josiah we see Kindergarten 2 as the year we prepare our children to meet the demands of a formal primary school education.

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