Parents' Testimonials


“Josiah – All in One Montessori”

We have enrolled our son into Josiah Suntec’s full day infant care which provides amazing programs, and strategic location for parents working in the CBD area. They have a nice teacher-child ratio, granting ample time and attention to each child.

With the trial program, Josiah provides more insights to their teaching process and care practice, allowing parents to meet their child’s educators/teachers, who have remarkable interpersonal and multi-lingual skills.

Thanks to the Josiah program, my son Matthew obtained speedy progress and an amazing Montessori experience, with dedicated teachers who attentively observe and provide regular feedbacks. We have greatly benefitted from these feedbacks as they have helped us to focus on areas of development that are specific for Matthew’s needs.


Mr Andre & Mrs Edita Lim
Parent of Matthew Lim (Toddler Class)

“Can’t get enough of school”

My son has attended Josiah Montessori for four years and we couldn’t be any happier with a preschool! He has benefitted so much both academically and socially from the Montessori programme.

When it was time for our younger daughter to attend preschool, we did not hesitate to send her here as soon as she turned two. She is now in K1 and tells me her daily experience of what she has learnt and the great friendship she has cultivated with her peers.

Thank you Josiah Montessori for giving my children a safe and happy environment to grow and learn in. My daughter’s smiles and non-stop chatter about school life is a good testimony of how much she is enjoying herself. And as if it’s not enough fun for her during school term, she is also requesting to join the school holiday programme!


Mdm May Cheok, Director
Parent of Matthew Tan (Graduated in 2008) and Rachel Tan (K1)

“Made a difference”

As parents of a very shy-natured child, we had to take extra care when searching for a preschool for him. We are glad to have found Josiah Montessori after combing through at least 10 preschools in Tampines.

During the open house, we were impressed by how hands-on the principal is, the active interaction between teacher and students, as well as the safe and encouraging environment it provides.

The past year with Josiah Montessori has been nothing short of wonderful for our son. He is very blessed with dedicated teachers and principal who had went every step of the way to help him ease into school. He enjoys going to school so much that he even requests to go during the weekends!

He has blossomed so much and continues to amaze us every day with the new things he has learnt. We would like to express our special thanks to Ms Novelle and her team of fabulous teachers (especially Ms Ai Leng). You have made such a difference to our child and we know it will go a long way for him!


Mr. & Mrs. Tan, Senior Manager & Singhealth Executive
Parents of Alpheus Tan (N1)

“Bringing out the best in every child”

Ms Zhi Hua (Chinese Teacher) is an extremely passionate and committed teacher. She has inspired my 2 girls, Kailli and Kaydee, and cultivated their love for Chinese Language.  Kailli showed great improvement in her Chinese and could recognise Chinese characters and read Chinese books fluently and confidently. Ms Zhi Hua is a dedicated, caring and nurturing teacher who has a gracious heart for her students.

Ms Novelle (Principal) possesses excellent leadership skills in leading the teachers to provide character-development education. She is extremely dedicated and strives to bring out the best in every child, believing in the unique potential of each child. Indeed, this is the heart of education – to appreciate the infinite potential in each child’s life and to cultivate that potential to the fullest. Thank you for always assuring us parents that our children are in good hands and making a positive impact on our children’s development.

In addition, Ms Mavis has been an awesome administrator, helpful and patient in attending to parent’s enquiries and handling the admin matters in school. A responsible, meticulous worker who takes great pride in her work, she has handled my enquiries with such professionalism, poise and with a high level of service standard.


Thank you Josiah Montessori!


Mrs Daphne Leong, Associate Lecturer
Parent of Kailli Leong Yi Ying (K1) and Kaydee Leong Yi Qing (N1)

“Constant feedback and invaluable advice”


The Principal and teachers at Josiah Montessori are nurturing and caring towards the students. They helped to ease my daughter, Estelle, into school and gave regular feedback of how she was doing in school.

The principal, Ms Novelle, is knowledgeable in child development and gave me good advices for my daughter. The one-to-one teaching and individual learning plan for each student helped my daughter learn comfortably at her own pace. She speaks fondly of her teacher, Ms Ras.

I greatly appreciate the dedication of the staff of Josiah Montessori in supporting my daughter’s development. Thank you, Josiah Montessori, and the teachers for all your patience and guidance towards Estelle.


Mdm Jane Lee, Homemaker
Parent of Estelle Chong (K1)

“Nothing more to ask for”


Two years back, I was a new mum of two girls with a 2 year and 4 months old infant. As I have had bad prior experience with other day care centre and wanted to ensure I get the “best” possible centre. But, I wouldn’t know until I tried.

I enrolled the girls to Josiah, hoping that I have better luck this time. To be brutally honest, I had my doubts when my elder girl cried to school during the initial stage. However, having witnessed her tremendous growth (she surprises me with new song every other day!) reassured me that Josiah gave her a nurturing environment, allowing her to grow as an individual.

Now, she can’t get enough of school! My younger girl is also growing very well, improving leaps and bounds without losing her own character. I guess there isn’t much more a working parent can ask for.

Keep up the great job Ms Indra and your crew – Ms Aniz, Lili laoshi, Tracey laoshi and many more!


Mdm Gina Poh
Parent of Edna Ang Yi Xuan (N2) and Ella Ang Yi Hui (Toddler Class)

“A holistic experience”


Our son started at Josiah in April 2017. He enjoys coming to school which is a huge thing for us because he had some bad experiences and would usually take a few weeks before he settles in. At Josiah, he settled in quickly and we believe it is because the teachers and friends at Josiah are very caring and truly have a love and passion for what they do. We observe that the teachers and staff here are happy and cheerful.  

Happy teachers, happy kids!  

We also like the serenity of the environment, which is conducive for children to learn and develop.

The bridging program offered at K2 helps to prepare the children for Primary One and the curriculum is well thought-out, letting the children experience both structured and experiential learning. The thematic approach also provides the children with a chance to delve deeper into the subjects taught, giving better appreciation for what is taught and cultivating a curious mind.

We can’t be happier with the Josiah experience and would recommend it to any parents looking for a child care.

Thank you Josiah!


Mrs Jovi Ong
Parent of Isaac Ting (K2)

“A boost in confidence and independence”


We started sending our daughter to Josiah Montessori when she was 2.5 years old. We noticed that she is much more independent and confident after attending Josiah.  

We really appreciate the weekly updates on what she has learnt in school and how she is progressing. Our girl particularly enjoys the various field trips organised by the school that provides learning opportunities outside the classroom. We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to Josiah for providing such nurturing environment for the kids.

Mdm Jennifer Wong, Homemaker
Parent of Sheryn Teh (N2)

“With Great Love, Passion and Devotion”