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Do You Know…About Josiah’s ‘Green Chair’?

Q: What is the Josiah Green Chair?

The Josiah Green Chair is also known as a ‘Thinking Chair’. It works like a ‘time out corner’, and  NOT a punishment.

Q: Why do we have a Josiah Green Chair?

The Josiah Green Chair is a disciplinary strategy to teach children what is acceptable/appropriate behaviour in class, hence sharpening their social skills. It is also to teach children the technique of calming themselves down during the time out session when they are angry/upset.

Q: When do we use the Josiah Green Chair?

The Josiah Green Chair is used when a child displays unacceptable behaviour, such as hitting of friends, throwing of toys, etc.

It is NEVER to be used as a form of punishment.

Q: How do children benefit from the Josiah Green Chair?

Children are less likely to misbehave when they are equipped with the skills to deal with not-so-pleasant situations or communicate their needs more effectively. Through the use of the Josiah Green Chair, the children will learn to exercise self-control.

Teachers will teach children how to calm themselves down when they are in a not-so-pleasant situation, or when they misbehave. Some techniques we adopt are: counting to 10, taking slow and deep breaths, closing eyes for a short while, etc.

Q: How is the Josiah Green Chair used?

The key to an effective usage of the Green Chair is when:

  • – The teacher communicates classroom rules to children at the beginning of each class.
  • – The Classroom Rules are visible to the children, so that they know and are constantly reminded of what the appropriate behaviour is.
  • – The teacher uses a friendly but firm communication style when letting a child know they have behaved inappropriately. Hence, they will face the consequences they have “agreed upon”.
  • – The teacher encourages the children to try to remember what they should do, in order to avoid the consequences. In Josiah, we believe in working towards “catching them being good” and praising them for their appropriate behaviour.
  • – It is used according to child’s age (i.e. 3 minutes for 3-year-olds, 4 minutes for 4-year-olds, etc). When the time is up and the child has calmed down, the teacher needs to communicate/explain to child why they had to sit on the Green Chair.
  • – The session ends with a HUG so that the child knows that he/she is disciplined because he/she is loved.


NOTE: It is important for the child to know that teacher is not upset/angry with him/her, but it was administered to deal with his/her behaviour & that he/she is loved.


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