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Cultivating Young Love For The Arts

Article by Glynisia Yeo, N2-2018 Josiah Parent. – For someone who was heavily involved in music, dance and drama activities since Primary School, I was naturally thrilled when Josiah announced the introduction of the Musical Arts Programme (MAP) in 2016. This programme includes Voice, Dance, Chinese Speech & Drama, Arts and Music Appreciation, and is integrated […]

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Fuss Free Physical Activities for Children

Find out your go-to technique to soothe a grumpy child here by taking this short quiz! Q1. This morning, your child woke up and is feeling especially grumpy. Your child is crying and throwing a tantrum in the car/transport on the way to school, how do you calm your child down?a) Let your child listen […]

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Separation Anxiety in Children

Managing Separation Anxiety in Children of the 21st Century

This article talks about Josiah’s experience with managing separation anxiety in children during early education. This is one of the most difficult situations a toddler or infant overcomes during their journey to holistic development. What is separation anxiety? All children and adults experience varying amounts of separation anxiety. It is part and parcel of growth. […]

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Importance of Arts in Early Education

The Importance of Arts in Early Education

This article talks about the importance of arts in early education of children and why Josiah champions this ancient but yet effective methodology of imparting education to young minds. How many ways can you use a paper clip? The Torrance Test of Creative Thinking is frequently cited to show that children’s creativity decreases along with […]

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Child Behaviour Management Tips : An Age-By-Age Guide

“Behavioural Management” is guiding your child’s behaviour so that he/she learns the appropriate way to behave. A positive and constructive approach is often the best way to guide your child’s behaviour. This means giving your child attention, rather than just punishing her when she does something you don’t like. This blog post presents an age-by-age guide of some […]

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Do You Know… About Quiet Games?

Have you ever heard of the term “quiet games”? If it’s the first time you come across this term, you might be wondering: how can games be quiet? Well, as ironic as it sounds, quiet games do exist! In Josiah, we often play quiet games. What exactly are quiet games? Why do we play quiet […]

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Stages of Play

Play has significant role in a child’s life.  Whether bouncing with balls alone or with siblings or holding an imaginary airplane and making the “swoosh” sound etc. Play builds the child’s creativity and imagination as well as other skills for example, a child is developing important social skills like taking turns, learning how to cooperate […]

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Why “Classroom Setting” for Pre-Primary Children?

Do you still remember the very first time you set your feet into your primary school classroom? Jogging back to my primary school memories, I could feel sweat beading on my forehead as I walked into my primary school classroom for the very first time. My heart pounded, filled with anxiety and anticipation. It was an […]

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Do You Know… About Josiah’s Red and Blue Lines?

Ever been to Josiah? If so, you would have noticed that specific parts of the floor in Josiah are ‘cordoned-off’ by what we call the ‘Josiah’s Red & Blue Lines’. What’s the ‘Josiah’s Red & Blue Lines’ all about? Well, let’s find out more! At Josiah, we have created these lines so that the children […]

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