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Do You Know… That Children May Not Understand the Value of Rote Counting?

What is rote counting?

Rote counting is one of the basic number concepts that children develop – of counting numbers in sequential order. Counting by rote is the start of the journey to more complicated mathematical concepts. Fortunately, it is a skill that is picked up rather naturally by most children.

Why rote counting may not mean anything to young children?

Have you come across parents telling you that their 3 years old child is able to recite numbers from 1 to 100? However do you know that by reciting the numbers in sequence, it may not mean anything to the young child because to him/her, it sounds like a mere rhyme. Rote counting is a memory task. Therefore, being able to rote count does not guarantee that the child is able to count, understand quantity, or develop number sense. However, rote counting lays the foundation for more complicated mathematical concepts to be built on. Hence, rote counting is extremely important as a firm foundation for  other concepts to be built upon.

How does Josiah conquer this?

At Josiah, our dedicated team of teachers teach number concepts in a meaningful manner to scaffold our children’s learning, ensuring that they go beyond rote counting to understand quantity and number functions as well:

  1. One to One Correspondence

In this way, the child is taught that number 1 represents only one object , and number 2 represents two objects , etc.

  1. Recognizing/Writing Numbers

This builds the child’s ability to recognise symbols and names of the numbers starting from 0-10 at first, through the use of Sandpaper Numerals. The child uses the Sandpaper Numeral cards to trace the numbers so that it gives the child a sensorial impression of the symbol. This eventually transits to writing the numbers on exercise books using a pencil.

  1. Sequential (Number) Order

This helps the child in understanding that numbers always follow in the same sequence and this order would lay the firm foundation for addition, subtraction, etc when the child is ready.

  1. Reinforce with number rhymes, songs and games.

This helps the child to remember the flow of numbers with ease in a fun manner, and to recognise the names and symbols of the numbers.

Over the years, we have seen numerous live testimonials of how well our children grasp the mathematical concepts as a result of our approach of teaching counting. It gives us great pleasure to see our children be confident in their mathematical skills!


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