Musical Arts Programme (MAP)

Musical Arts Programme

Josiah’s Musical Arts Programme (MAP) is 100% developed by our pedagogists and an integrated creativity-focused programme for children in N1 to K2.

While Montessori trains our children to be independent learners and confident critical thinkers, MAP equips our children with the 21st Century creativity & socio-emotional competencies.

MAP ignites creativity and freedom of expression in our children through Dance, Vocals, Classical Music Appreciation, Arts, Speech and Drama in both English and Chinese Medium.

We help children discover their talents and interests by allowing ample opportunities in the performing arts. Altogether, The Josiah Way fully equips our children with necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the 21st century world.

Musical Arts Programme (MAP)
Accelerates brain development

As it touches the areas of the brain that are responsible for language development, sound, reading skill, spelling skill and speech perception. Exposing children to music during early years helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words, counting and sequencing as well.

Musical Arts Programme (MAP)
Accelerates auditory system

When it is stimulated by music. This system is also engaged in general sound processing which is essential to reading skills, language development and successful communication.

Musical Arts Programme (MAP)
Builds motor skills

While allowing them to practice self-expression as they dance to the music. This also helps to strengthen the children’s memory and ability to retain information.

Musical Arts Programme (MAP)
Builds team spirit

It can be a dynamic social learning experience. Making music together encourages children learn to work as a team while they each contribute to the song in their own way. At the same time, music helps children learn that together, they can create something larger than the sum of its parts.

Musical Arts Programme (MAP)
Development of Emotional Quotient (EQ)

In terms of learning how to cooperate, share, compromise, and concentrate. Such skills are invaluable and indispensable as they continue progressing to celebrate more milestones in life.

Musical Arts Programme (MAP)
Provides children with joy, confidence and spontaneity

In making sounds and creating their own dance steps.

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