The Josiah Way - What Makes Us One of The Best Preschools for Holistic Learning

The Josiah Way

Josiah’s unique curriculum combines the Montessori method of learning with our in-house Musical Arts Programme, which we call it The Josiah Way. Our founders, who are both early childhood and music educators, believe that the combination of Montessori and Music Education is a powerful combination to raise the young generation who are required to be creative, adaptable and eloquent in communication.

Josiah children are nurtured under a non-threatening and loving environment to be well rounded with an edge of academic excellence, as well as confident performers with access to creativity and freedom of expression.

Over the course of time, The Josiah Way has earned Josiah the reputation of being one of the best preschools for holistic learning in Singapore.

Environmental Design



Atmosphere of love Discovery of self

Only in an atmosphere of openness can a child reveal his natural self to us. With love and acceptance, our children are encouraged to question, discover, find their unique voice and go on to develop confidence and maturity.

The Josiah Way


Child-size world Large-size independence

A cosy, calm and child-sized open environment encourages easy accessibility. Our shelves, tables, chairs, toilets and wash basins are low and easily reached, helping our children to be independent in their interaction with the classroom.

The Josiah Way


Structured routine Familiar space

Structure and order is a major aspect of the Josiah Way.
Through a predictable routine, our children quickly learn to trust their space and interact with each other positively.

The Josiah Way


Taught to love,
share, respect & empathise

A peaceful environment is made up of gracious and loving people.
Our children are taught and shown qualities of caring, sharing, respect, patience and empathy for others.

The Josiah Way


See everything Learn anything

With the support of Montessori materials and a holistic exposure to various subjects, our children become self-directed learners. They progress from simple to complex and concrete to abstract based on their readiness.

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