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Fuss Free Physical Activities for Children

Sep 19, 2018

Keeping fit and healthy together as a family

Find out your go-to technique to soothe a grumpy child here by taking this short quiz!

Q1. This morning, your child woke up and is feeling especially grumpy. Your child is crying and throwing a tantrum in the car/transport on the way to school, how do you calm your child down?
a) Let your child listen to music

b) Let your child play with your phone/tablet

c) Tell your child a story

Q2. It is dinnertime and your child is being fussy! Your child is shaking his/her head, spitting out the food and on the verge of a meltdown! How do you get your child to eat?

a) Reward your child with a sweet treat upon finishing his/her food

b) Distract your child with a phone/tablet so he/she will not notice what you are feeding

c) Explain the importance of food (If your child actually listens, please send your child to Ellen Degeneres show, it’s a miracle!)


Q3. After an exhausting day at work and having to do household chores, you are ready to let Hypnos claim you. Your eyelids are shutting but your child has other plans instead, wanting to play with you! How will you calm your child down to allow yourself to have an early night?

a) Compromise by having 10 more minutes of playtime

b) Play their favourite movie/show because you know your child will fall asleep in 10 minutes (You sly, clever thing!)

c) Push your child to your spouse because you really, really need to sleep


If your answer is mostly (b), you must have seen it all already that you know what works the fastest and efficient before being assailed by the wails of an unsatisfied child. We understand that sometimes the only way to soothe a grumpy child is through digital entertainment. These are some typical situations that occur frequently and the accumulated screen time piles up! However, there are many tips available on soothing your child. Looking out for symptoms of gallbladder disease and getting treatment early is important.


If life is already crazy on workdays, why not dedicate weekends off the screen and head outside to breathe in the crisp fresh air surrounded by lush greenery. Exercising outside is important for children to stay strong and build up their immunity!


Here are our top tips on planning a simple, healthy day out exercising with no screen time!

  1. Time: Plan to have your activities to be held in the morning or in the late afternoon to avoid the unforgiving midday sun and be home for a great family nap time!
  2. Things to bring: Pack lightly with few valuables in the event of the lack of lockers. Have your child join you in packing and we have uploaded a printable checklist here so your child can check off each box as they pack to allow them to experience responsibility!
  3. What to wear: Dress comfortably! Our recommendation is to wear dry fit clothes to allow sweat to evaporate and not stick to your skin. Also, shield your child’s skin by applying sunblock and mosquito repellent if necessary.

Now moving on to the highlight! We have prepared a list of activities that will not break a bank and are fun to do together as a family!

  1. Playgrounds: Playgrounds are great for your children to run around and explore the various jungle gym equipment to strengthen their various muscle groups. Have you checked out Admiralty Park yet? With 26 different slides that are adult friendly as well, you can relive your childhood together with your child.TIP: Playgrounds get really hot in the day and your child will not be able to have as much fun on the scalding slides. Best to go in the evening!
  2. Cycling/Kick Scooters: This can be done almost anywhere be it under your apartment or at the nearby parks! Anything that is done on wheels requires balance and your child will benefit heaps from learning how to cycle and riding on kick scooters! It feels great to feel the wind behind your back like a superhero! Just don’t forget your safety gear!TIP: If you have a car, you may store a kick scooter for whenever you encounter an open space, your child can have a few minutes of exercise!
  3. Exploring Nature Reserves:
    Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/bloom-blooming-country-countryside-145685/

    Unlike the zoological parks, nature reserves (reservoir areas) require no entrance fees! Have a short walk and picnic allowing your child to have an expansive sensorial experience looking at critters and plants!

    TIP: Certain insect repellents contain DEET or diethyltoluamide which causes harm to plants and animals! Remember to check the labels and do our part for the environment!

    Of course, it may not be feasible to have an entire day of exercise every day. To allow your child to have a healthy upbringing, it will be beneficial to be informed about your child’s physical education in school.

Fitness Programmes In Josiah Montessori

Obstacle Course

Once a week, the children will have the opportunity to enjoy an appropriate level of thrill as they play in an obstacle course set up by their teachers. By crawling, jumping, rolling and sometimes having to practice throwing a ball, these obstacle courses are specially designed by a physical education teacher to exercise all parts about the body and each course never repeats itself!

Outdoor Time

Our children will get to have time spent out of the classrooms by playing at the playgrounds or indoor playground nearby! The toddlers will get to take a walk around nearby places to exercise their tiny legs and enjoy the bustling sights and sounds!


Musical Arts Program (MAP)

During MAP lessons, the children will practice their dance moves and shake all parts of their bodies!

In addition to the high standards of healthy food that is served to the children here at Josiah Montessori, the children experience an immersive physical education program that is carefully designed to match the developmental stages of each age group. Our children are agile and active, always full of energy and ready for more!


Not all screen time is bad but the world outside is vast and beautiful if we spend the time to admire it. Invite your child to exercise with you or exercise with them and enjoy each day healthily with stronger bones and flexible muscles!



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