18 months – 3 years old


The Toddler programme offers very young children an experience of self-development in a tender atmosphere of special understanding, respect, support, and love. It aims to equip each child with independence and the necessary skills needed for future learning.


Towards Independence

The environment is carefully prepared with specially designed materials that provide varied opportunities for the child to develop independence and competencies through individualized learning plans based on activities below.


Tods at Work

This is essentially the exploration with practical life exercises. The activities form the basis of learning in a Montessori environment. They help the child in his/her holistic development; physical, cognitive, emotional and social. They form a part of the daily activities in your child’s day.

The syllabus includes transferring, pouring, scooping, buttoning, sorting, classifying etc. Benefits include the development of concentration and eye-hand coordination, fine and gross motor skills, sense of order, respect for others, sense of responsibility, independence, self-awareness and have an “I can do it!” spirit.

Tods Sensorial

The Sensorial exercises lay a solid foundation for Mathematics, Geometry, Geography, Botany, Art and Music. Activities are geared towards building concepts to discriminate size, weight, length, shape, smell, classify and compare. The Sensorial materials help to stimulate the 5 senses, support the child’s psychological and neurological development, increase attention span, improve hand/eye coordination, promote muscular development, develop logical thinking and sense of order.


Fun with Numbers

Introduces pre-math concepts such as rote counting, serial counting, associating quantities and symbols, sorting, matching, as well as 1 to 1 correspondence through the Montessori didactic materials. Our toddlers are given ample opportunities to work with these interesting materials to develop their counting skills, hand-eye coordination and a solid foundation for Math.

Fun with Words

Language is the gateway to learning every other subject.

With ‘Fun with Words’, your precious one is given a head start in language development, where a myriad of activities is prepared specially to suit your child’s needs. Some activities include songs & rhymes, storytelling & dramatisation, phonics, and kinaesthetic movements.

With these play activities in place, you can be sure that your little toddler is being prepared well into future early reading, vocabulary building, oral skills and the ability to express with words!

Little World Explorer

Little World Explorer extends your child’s awareness of self, society, and the environment. They learn to identify order/sequence, identify basic parts of plants & animals, as well as to recognise simple classifications of non-organic and organic forms.

Activities include comparisons (e.g. day and night, light and dark, etc) and exploration of real items (fruits, plants, pets, etc.), textures (rough, smooth, hairy, etc.), as well as self and surroundings (body parts, family members, friends, school, etc.).

With an exposure to subjects such as botany, history, geography and science, Little World Explorer does not just build up your child’s vocabulary, but also your child’s general knowledge.

Tods Creative Exploration

Aims to develop your child’s creativity and language ability through Music & Movement and Art & Craft (Montessori Cultural Theme based). Toddlers love to imitate and move to action songs and storytelling by their teachers. There are also ample opportunities for our toddlers get their hands busy through art expressions: exploring colouring and craft materials such as crayons, paints, craft paper of variant textures, and applying simple art techniques such as colouring, doodling, stamping, pasting and printing.


Fun with Chinese

Josiah takes pride in our self-crafted Chinese language syllabus. Our Chinese Curriculum Specialist continually improves and updates our curriculum to ensure a firm foundation in learning Mandarin. Our toddlers are engaged in lots of conversations, songs, rhymes, speech and drama, games as well as art & craft activities to reinforce their Chinese language development.

Character Building Blocks

Focuses on the concept of ‘Love’ for our toddlers. They will learn about simple aspects of being loved by their parents and other family members, and how to express their love for others through grace & courtesy: saying “Please & Thank you”, greeting people, sharing, and exhibiting positive body language such as hand shake, friendly hugs, and smiles.


Tods Tumble’n Roll

Focuses on development of gross motor skills among toddlers. Our ‘Tumble’n Roll’ time with our toddlers allow them to acquire good control over their bodies and movements, so that they have the confidence to walk, crawl, climb, and jump within a safe and protected environment.

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