2 months – 18 months


The Infant programme offers our precious babies the care they need in a tender and warm atmosphere of special bonding, respect and love, with their needs carefully and meticulously attended to. This programme creates a gradual and gentle progression towards the Toddler’ programme.

We focus on providing the necessary and appropriate stimulation for their early development in a prepared environment. This naturally includes stimulating the child’s senses, awakening his/her interest in the environment, feeding his/her natural curiosity and developmental growth by engaging them in the following activities throughout the day.


Fun & Happiness

Through our ‘Montessori Moments’, your baby will be exposed to songs, conversations, incidental and experiential discoveries throughout the day. Furthermore, your child’s ‘absorbent mind’ is tapped on to form vital impressions from the nurturing environment that has been lovingly set up for him/her. Your baby will also have a variety of physical exercises and activities that offer opportunities to strengthen his/her early movements. The Infant programme creates a gradual and gentle progression towards the Toddler programme.


Montessori Moments

Montessori Moments taps on a baby’s unconscious mind to learn from the surrounding environment safely. The activities allow babies to engage in play in a gentle and respectful manner, allowing them to respond with their 5 senses while exploring confidently at their own pace.

Baby Signing

Signing is imparted to our babies as we bridge the gap between the time of understanding and the ability to express with words. This is done on a daily basis and simple signs are taught, so that our babies can express their needs without frustrations.


Baby Quiet Time

This activity is tailored especially for the immobile babies where no time is left idle. The babies will be laid on safe and clean surfaces to look at mobiles, listen to soft and gentle music and observe the materials the teachers intentionally placed within the environment for them.

Baby Juke Box

Music plays an essential part in our babies’ growth and development. ‘Baby Juke Box’ is made up daily music and movement sessions where rhymes and action songs appropriate for their age are offered. Selected classical tunes from famous composers such as Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven are played throughout the day to soothe the mood of our little ones.


Baby Sensorial

Where we focus on the stimulation of the 5 senses of our little ones: touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight. This can be done by engaging our young ones with activities that involve items such as textured materials, music, mobiles and food.

Baby Tiny Tales

It is never too early to develop the love for books and reading among young babies. At Josiah, we introduce our babies to early reading by showing and reading to them using picture, texturized and interactive books.


Baby Tumble’n Roll

Development of gross motor skills among babies have to be in a safe and protected environment. Our daily ‘Tumble’n Roll’ time with our babies gives them the confidence to walk, crawl, climb, and jump within our very own well-cushioned gym area.

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