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Selamat Hari Raya

“Of joyous celebrations,

with great food and love.”


This Hari Raya, we had an amazing time learning more about the Malay culture and what Hari Raya is all about. Come join us in finding out more about what our children and babies did at our respective centres!



Our children across all 4 centres celebrated and explored Hari Raya in 5 dimensions: Cultural, Cookery, Craft, Dance, and Games.

At the cultural corner, our children learned about traditional costumes such as the Baju Kurung, Baju Melayu, as well as the Kebaya. The children were also taught the reason behind Hari Raya celebrations and the significance behind customs, practices, as well as the traditional snacks eaten! We even learned how to greet, inculcating the practice of paying respect for the elderly and loved ones; the room was filled with much joy and warmth. It was an enriching session indeed!

Calling all of you readers who have a sweet tooth and strong liking for desserts! At the cookery corner, our children had lots of fun making honey/chocolate cornflakes! It was a simple, yet delicious festive snack enjoyed by not just the children but adults too. Well done children!

Stowed away at the craft corner, our children learned how to make ketupats using coloured papers, under the guidance of our passionate and patient teachers! The end product looked so good you can almost mistake them as real ketupats!

Dancing right along to the dance corner, our children had a great time listening to traditional Malay music, and learning simple traditional Malay dance moves. Everyone, including our teachers, had an enjoyable time dancing along to the traditional music.

Lastly at the games corner, the children played games such as Musical Chairs, as well as Pictionary. We also had lots of fun learning how to play some traditional Malay games such as Chapteh,Batu Serembat(otherwise known as Five Stones), Pick up Sticks, Songket Relay,and many other simple but extremely fun games!

Picture perfect memories!



We had a mini show-and-tell with our precious babies! We shared with our precious babies the different types of food, cookies, traditional snacks, as well as traditional costumes!

We also did simple craft work and had a simple dance along time together. We even learned how to greet one another in the traditional Malay way! It was a simple, yet warm hearted time we shared with our babies.

Here are some precious moments we captured on camera!


That’s all for Hari Raya 2018! What are you waiting for? Join us and be part of our Josiah family now! Meanwhile, look out for more interesting and fun-filled events coming your way!


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