Open Day 2017 - Josiah

Open Day 2017

“Every Child, A Talent.”

November was a season where all our Josiah centres had their Annual Open Day. This is the time where parents were invited to the centres to enjoy a time of year-end show case of their children’s talents! At Josiah, we firmly believe that every child is unique and gifted in their own special ways. The children had a magnificent showcase from project presentation to dancing, singing and Chinese speech & drama.

Our beloved parents were greatly amazed at how talented each and every single child is! Every single dance step and groove, every pitch and line in the songs were executed with such confidence and gracefulness! In particular, we were fascinated by their on-stage discipline, as well as how they were able to remember the lyrics, dance steps and drama scripts!

Since Josiah embarked on our MAP (Musical Arts Programme) in the beginning of 2017, it was evident that this creative curriculum benefitted our children beyond the honing of their creative talents. The outcome of MAP this year is a community of children who are able to self-regulate. They learn new things faster, and are more attentive to sound discriminations. In general, they are also calmer and more adaptable in new situations. We had several items which included lyrical dance, broad way singing and dancing, hip hop, and a few Chinese Speech & Drama repertoires which included script and dance. All of which required a great extent of discipline, concentration, stamina & confidence, and our little ones achieved them all! Our K2 class featured an impressive skit & dance about the story of Mulan – it was spectacular!

There was also an exhibition of the children’s art work by our Art Specialist. It was really a feast to the eyes, and our parents were amazed by how the children could produce such a beautiful collaborative art work as a class, through their Classical Music Appreciation class. A few parents even offered to purchase the paintings! All individual art works exhibited showed the individuality and the unique personality of every single child. Kudos to our MAP teacher Ms Ela and Art Specialist, Ms Syarah as well as all our teachers for their hard work with all our little ones!

Join us in a time of appreciation of the talent and hard work put in by our beloved little ones and their lovely teachers!

That’s all for Open Day Concert 2017! Stay tuned for more amazing, mind blowing activities/events coming your way in 2018!


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