Happy Mother's Day 2018 - Josiah

Happy Mother’s Day 2018

“Celebrating Moms

In Style.”

Mother’s Day is a day where our children, parents, teachers and staff come together to celebrate our beautiful mummies who have nobly given their time, love, and dedication to their beloved children. Here’s how we celebrated our beautiful mummies:

First Stop: SUNTEC

At Josiah Suntec, it was a SPA-cial day to remember. Our mummies stepped into a surprise photo and video montage of the children expressing their love for their mummies! After the touching moment, the children presented handcrafted gifts made by themselves to their mummies. It was a moment filled with unspeakable joy!

Our mummies were given a spa treat where their precious little ones brought them from the manicure station to the hair station and the massage station. Our multi-talented children gave their mums a makeover – they ‘dyed’ their hair with hair chalk, painted their nails with nail polish, and gave them a good massage!

Yogurt was served at the end of the SPA-cial day and our mummies had many fun and beautiful photos captured at our amazing photo booth which was handmade by our very own talented teachers!

Here are some of the wonderful moments captured on camera:


Second Stop: CHANGI

Aloha! Our mummies stepped into Hawaii as they entered Josiah Changi in their floral costumes and a hibiscus flower clipped to their hair. Our very own talented and graceful children put up a performance and presented a personalised Mother’s Day craft work to their mommies at the end of the performance!

They proceeded to have a time of mummy-and-child fun with Hawaiian-themed games such as coconut bowling and dress up relay when they could make a flower garland together, and capture the beautiful moment spent together at the photo booth!

Before the day ended, our mummies got to enjoy a buffet spread specially prepared by our very own dedicated teachers. From coconut jelly to rainbow float to crab rolls, our mummies enjoyed a feast as they watched their children perform the Hawaiian Dance choreographed by our very own talented MAP Teacher, Ms Ela!

Picture perfect memories!


Last Stop: APERIA

Our mummies and babies arrived, dressed in different shades of pink to enjoy a time of fun and bonding with their precious little ones. We enjoyed a time of free play as well as music & movement, where mummies and babies got to interact with each other and did craft work together! Together, we are Pretty in Pink!

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day this year?


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