Happy Easter! - Josiah

Happy Easter!

“Of Easter Eggs,

Love & Chocolates”

This Easter, our beloved children had an amazing time with eggs! From painting Easter eggs to playing games with Easter eggs and making chocolate eggs – you name it, we have it! Here’s what the 4 centres did this Easter: 


This Easter, our beloved children in Josiah Changi enjoyed a fun-filled day full of Easter eggs and surprises at every turn! We started the day learning more about what Easter is all about, and howour friends from other countries celebrate Easter!

From Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt to Easter Egg Relay to Easter Egg Hockey, our children had lots of fun, playing games with beautifully decorated Easter eggs! Our children even painted and decorated their very own Easter eggs in class, which they got to bring home to display!

Surprise surprise! Our children made their very own Easter egg surprise with chocolates in our cookery session! They savoured every single bit of the Easter egg snack they made all by themselves.

Here are some precious memories captured on camera:



Here at Josiah Tampines, our beloved children went on their very own version of Egg Hunt after watching how Clifford, from the film ‘Clifford’s Happy Easter’, went on an egg hunt! Following the egg hunt, we went on to a time of games, when we played many amazingly fun games such as ‘Fan the Egg’ and ‘Egg in the Cup’. The children had an awesome time laughing and running around with their friends, each with an Easter egg in their hands.

Our precious children also got to paint and decorate their very own Easter Egg baskets! Our loving teachers placed 3 chocolate eggs into the beautiful baskets each of them have designed. Our children were extremely excited to bring their wonderfully decorated Easter egg baskets home to show to their beloved parents!

Come immerse in a time of fun and joy with us!


Our beloved babies and wonderful teachers at Josiah Aperia had a great time playing games such as ‘Eggs In A Basket’ and ‘Shake The Egg!’ together! The children learned about Easter not just through playing games and having fun, but also through a time of story-telling!

Indulge in a time of interesting stories and amazing games with us!



In view of occupancy of HFMD cases in Suntec, our children could not celebrate Easter as planned. But, not all was not lost!

Our children in Josiah Suntec learned the reason behind why Easter is celebrated through presentations delivered by our dedicated and passionate teachers. They also got to enjoy and got their hands working on Easter crafts such as Easter egg painting.


That’s all from us at Josiah for Easter 2018! Join us for more exciting events!


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