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Do You Know… You can Share Your Joy?

“If you know you’re happy, share your joy”


A big thank you to all our joyful parents who have decided to share their joy with us. Read on to find out more about why Baby Sensory should be your number 1 choice!

Ayumi Inoue

Mother of Sachie Inoue

We have been taking this toddler sensory classes for six months. In the beginning, my daughter struggled to get used to the classes, she now looks forward to going every week.

I feel that her motor skills such as jumping and running improved through baby sensory classes.

We would like to continue lessons for our child!

Nattakan Sornritchingchai

Mother of Haemil Chawakorn Lee Yao Zong

I knew baby sensory from the UK. When my son was 5 months old, my husband and I agreed to send him to the class. During the first few classes he was quiet. However, we observed him throughout and we can see his development slowly at home. He responded to the familiar songs, hand signs and clapping of hands, introduced in Baby Sensory classes.

Now, my son is an 11 months old baby, and we can see that he has developed good imagination. Furthermore, he is constantly improving daily.

The class benefits both baby and parent; Ms. Sandra always provides good parenting tips as well.

Thank you Baby Sensory!

Kayo Imanishi

Mother of Yuna Imanishi


In the toddler sense classes, they prepare different themes every week and all of the session have been very exciting and fun for both parent and child.
After a few sessions, my daughter got used to the atmosphere and now, she looks forward to the classes from the day before, and sings her favorite songs that she learned in the class!
As a parent, I am very happy and satisfied with what she has learned and how she reacts in the class.

Thank you Baby Sensory!

Joshua Tan

Father of Isaiah Tan

My Son has been attending Baby Sensory since he was 7 months old and every Saturday is just a fun time for him. Miss Sandra makes the session fun, interactive and stimulating. From using pompoms for touch sensory to bubbles falling on the top of my son’s face; every week is something new and exciting.

Ms Sandra too takes the time to teach the attending parent how to play and stimulate his/her child’s senses for better growth and learning on their part. As parents, we look forward to quality bonding with our child and baby sensory not only does that but provides an outlet for the children to crawl, learn, sense and grow.

Thankful for Baby Sensory!

Katelyn Lee

Mother of Leanne Qiu Hongxi

 I enrolled my Daughter to the toddler sense class when she was 15 months old. She has been enjoying herself so much, especially during the 20mins of Adventure Play. It’s a very safe and fun environment for the kids to sweat it out.

Every lesson is unique and never a repeat! Miss Sandra, the class leader, is always jovial

and energetic. I could see how my Daughter progress throughout the lessons.

Thank you Baby Sensory!

Patricia Chiong

Mother of Jonathan Elliot Yue

I enrolled my boy this class because it is near my home; I didn’t place any expectations. However, the class gave me a pleasant surprise.

The team at Toddlers Sense prepares their lessons well. At the end of each lesson, parents will even receive a take-home helpful parenting article! Ms Sandra is engaging and friendly to both the parents and toddlers.

Thank you Baby Sensory!

Linda Ng

Mother of Max Ng

 I just want to share how much I enjoy every Baby Sensory class with my boy, Max, under Ms Sandra.

Ms Sandra has been really patient, and she is always willing to share with parents on the activities we can do at home with our babies. I always bring home more knowledge after every class. I have learnt to use inexpensive materials to create toys for Max, and the credits goes to Baby Sensory Singapore, as well as Ms Sandra.

 After attending one of the classes, it inspired me to make my own puppet stage. Ms Sandra is so creative! I love attending the classes!

Thank you, Baby Sensory Singapore!

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